The Summer Earring Sale has arrived!

Yup, you got it right! It’s that time of year again 🙂

Select earring styles (and there are tons of them) are now just $5.00 a pair!

To make it even better, you can buy ANY 5 pairs for $20.00 AND that will include your shipping! 

Oh and yes, I do mean World Wide Shipping!

Now is the time to stock up on your favourites before they’re gone. Many of these styles won’t be available once the sale it over!

Head on over to the Etsy shop and grab the ones you love. OH and because of the super awesome 5 for $20 – you can start your Christmas shopping early too! Or… am I the only one who starts shopping now?

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Just one more thing – if you love my super awesome sale, maybe you know someone else who would too. If you could please like, share and favourite my shop I will love you long time and send you cookies!

Here’s a sneak peek of just some of the styles available:


Until next time….



Show Season Begins!

Show Season started with a bang this year! This past Saturday, Krysta Marie Designs was at the Spring Made By Hand Show, held at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. The weather was fabulous, the crowds were continuous, you could feel the awesomeness in the air. Every vendor I spoke with was having a wonderful day. Much like I did. The show itself was fabulously organized, right down to all of the tiny details. Everything was easy-peasy from set up to tear down. If you had any questions, the show organizer Jacqueline Hunter was always around – making sure that you had everything you needed. If you needed an extra set of hands, she had a whole slew of student volunteers to help out. It was an excellent show.

My favorite part was getting to wander around the show before it opened and meeting some of my fellow Ontario Etsians. It was a pleasure to finally meet so many wonderful people in person, whom I’ve been interacting with online for a while.

I’m definitely glad to have the first show of the year under my belt – it really sets the tone for the rest of the season, and this season is shaping up to be one of my busiest yet! I’m so looking forward to returning to specific events: Kempenfest and Promenade Days – both in Barrie, Ontario. I’m also looking forward to adding a few smaller venues as well. I’ll keep you all posted on dates as I have them.

I shall now leave you with some photos that I took from the show.


My Booth Set Up – Including the New Peg Board Display



The View from my booth.



Another view from my booth



The new pegboard display, featuring my Chained Soul Chainmaille Collection



Snap Shot of some of my bracelets



My wire wrapped rings.


What? I was REJECTED?!?!

Happy Friday Friends!

Up until yesterday, I really hadn’t dealt with being rejected before. I should state that I hadn’t dealt with being rejected in my business life before – my personal life… well that’s an entirely different story.

I have dealt with the “I’ll be back” kinds of people, and the “OH! I betcha I could make that” kinds of people, but none of those flat out rejected me, my work or my business.

This brings us to yesterday. This is the time of year where I’m busily sending out applications for all kinds of events and juried shows. Each application is sent complete with photos of my work, my work space/studio, a head shot of myself and a brief bio about me and my business. And year after year, my applications were accepted without fail.

Until yesterday that is. Yesterday I received my very first rejection letter. Email actually, not that it makes any difference. The show that I had applied for was another of Ontario’s top 100 summer festivals to attend, and I was sure I would get in. My work is amazing (and I’m not being pompous – I’ve worked really hard to get where I am) my photos were impeccable. My brief bio and head shot were pristine. My professional connections to the jury committee were in tact. They knew who I was. They knew why I do what I do and they all knew that I am good great at what I do.

So why wasn’t I accepted? Well, as I spiraled yesterday into a pool of self doubt and wanting to throw my entire life’s work into the trash, I thought about what could have possibly gone wrong. I even went so far as to Google ALL of last years jewellery artisan exhibitors. There work was ALL different from mine. After hours of self pity and avoiding the unopened bottle of wine it hit me. 1) this show has been around for years and all of the exhibitors have been involved for years. So with that, I’m going to have to work my little tail off for the next six months to really create pieces that set myself apart so that I will be accepted next year. 2) I failed to notice that the show I was rejected from conflicted with another weekend show that I had already booked. So with that, THANK YOU UNIVERSE for coming in and saving me from looking like an ass. I’ve experienced double booking before and yeah, looking like an ass really isn’t good for you, for your business or your brand. It actually makes people NOT want to work with you.

So even though I spent most of my day yesterday wallowing in self crippling criticism,  it all really did work out for the best. And I learned something in being rejected yesterday. Clearly there WILL be (and IS) something better.

Rejection, although it sucks (not gonna lie!) it a worthwhile experience because it teaches you to focus on how to be better. It forces to you stand up and fight for what it is you want. It also stops you from going in the wrong direction, should you pay attention to what’s around you.

And to boot – with more or less taking the day off yesterday, I had time to sit and create this GORGEOUS Princess Collar. It’s actually Rondo a la Byzantine, that I glitterized (yes that’s a word) with dreamy Swarovski Crystals. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


April is Here!


Finally April is here! That means I shall be seeing Robins gracing my front lawn soon. That means the snow will begin melting, soon! That means I can finally bring out my flip flops! Yes, the ability to wear my flip flops is all it takes to make me happy.

The beginning of April is really when my work gears get going. They’ve been going all along mind you, but this is the time when the yearly shows start up (at least the ones I participate in). This is when the crunch time begins to restock inventory, design and create new lines, and hold a really big sale.

The sale part is really my favorite part because I get to clear out older inventory to make room for the new inventory. For the next few weeks, my ENTIRE Etsy shop is 40% off. PLUS any order of $20.00 or more (before shipping) can receive $5.00 off by entering SPRING5 at checkout. The sale applies to everything in the shop! Jewellery AND Supplies! Now is the time to stock up on all the supplies you need AND those extra gifts for Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation and more.

Help me clear out the shop so that I can bring in all the new stock!

Many thanks for your continued support!


Artistic Competition

I’m all for a healthy competition. A race of sorts to get the adrenaline pumping.
I love feeling my heart beating in my chest and my lungs gasping for air.
I love that feeling of accomplishment.
The overall exhaustion of doing my best.

This is why I run on the treadmill.

When it comes to business, I’m in competition with no one.

Not even my fellow jewellery maker friends.

They aren’t my competition – not even if we have similar design styles, and some of us do.

These people are my peers.

I don’t need to be better than them. I don’t need to beat them at a race. There isn’t a race to begin with.

I run my own race. I set my own goals and my business goals have absolutely nothing to do with those around me. The goals I set for myself and for my business are for me, and me alone. They are set so that I can challenge myself, and to see if I can beat last months’ numbers, or hell, even last years’ numbers.

My goals aren’t there so that I may compete with my peers. After all, what I may set for myself, may be too lofty or not big enough for another. And you know what? That’s quite alright.

I have been in this industry for long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. And treating everyone around me like my competition, certainly doesn’t. Comparing myself to another artisan doesn’t. 1) they could have more experience than I. 2) they could have less experience than I. 3) they could be marketing to a completely different market than I.

There are so many other reasons as well.

In my many years in this industry, I have learned one key thing. One thing that keeps my business going.

There is MORE THAN ENOUGH to go around.

Always. Always. Always. 

That’s why I can go to a small show (30 vendors) and about half are jewellery artisans, and do very well.

That’s why I can have so many amazing relationships with other jewellery artisans and we don’t go home and plot the others’ demise. (Or at least I don’t! HAHA!)

The reason so many artisans fail, is because they see everyone around them as competition instead of incredible allies. And that’s EXACTLY what another artisan is, and should be to you; an ally. Someone who “gets” what you’re doing and why. Someone who may have a bit more experience than you do, who can offer a quick tip here and there.

The problem is, no one is really sharing their information. They guard it and themselves as they would their prey from other predators. It’s really quite sad.

If we spent more time building each other up, instead of blocking ourselves off, we’d all have extremely successful businesses and lives, and in the end, we’d all be much happier people.


Spring Clearance Sale

Woot! Two posts in one day, I’m on a freakin’ roll!

Ha ha, just kidding – just so happens that I’m having a HUGE Sale over on Facebook AND in my Etsy shop and figured that you guys should be in the know too!

Everything is on sale! If you need supplies because you’re crafty like me, I have tons! Or if you just need something pretty and shiny, I can supply that as well.

There is a great selection of individual beads and small lots up for grabs. A lot of Czech Glass and a lot (a lot, a lot) of gorgeous Gemstones. I also have a great selection of my Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry Line. Necklaces, bracelets & earrings. OH and some fab beaded bookmarks too!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of what’s available:


Can I also ask a teeny, tiny favor? If you wouldn’t mind sharing this post or even the album from Facebook or my Etsy shop, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

You guys ROCK!


Thankful Tuesday #1

I’ve decided to start a new series here on Krysta Marie Designs ~ Thankful Tuesdays. 

Of course, we should be thankful on days other than Tuesday, BUT, lets take it one day it at a time shall we, especially if being thankful and grateful are relatively new to you. Once you begin, you’ll find it difficult to not be thankful. Being thankful for everything around you, whether it’s your family & friends, your things or experiences (both good and bad), opens you up for even more to be thankful for.

There is always, always something to be thankful for.

So let me start.

On this Tuesday, March 25, 2014 I am thankful for:

1. My over-sized hooded sweatshirt. It’s warm and comfy and my favorite thing to wear when it’s chilly in the house.

2. Coffee.

3. My messy desk, because it’s filled with possibility and orders waiting to be filled. The fact that it’s messy means that I can again earn my keep this week.

4. Scented Candles – I received this gorgeous smelling Tahitian Vanilla one for Christmas – my entire space is filled with this glorious scent which is calming and helping to create the perfect atmosphere for the day.

5. YouTube – endless hours of all my favorite music. I get lost in music when I’m working and YouTube never lets me down.

6. My Children and their beautiful smiling faces that set my day off on just the right note. They never fail to make my mornings wonderful.

There are countless other things that I am thankful for, but 6 is a good number for today. It’s enough.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and if you’ve got a second, leave me a note with what you’re Thankful For.

Have a great day lovelies!


Change is in the air.

I love this time of year. 

The snow is starting to melt; the brutally cold days are coming to an end. And you can finally, finally get that faint whiff of Spring in the air. It truly is my favorite. Things are changing. The seasons, the clothing, and of course ourselves.

I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks about the direction I’d like to take Krysta Marie Designs. I love my business. I love having the ability to work from home (no overhead and working in my jammies!) and I love that I can making a sustainable living that supports myself, my children and my occasional frivolous shopping trips.

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed as of late. As if I’m putting more on my plate than I can chew. That I’m being pulled into too many directions and the only thing that’s keeping me in one piece is my heart – which is so full and fueled by passion. I can feel it though, the epic crash and burn is upon me. And whether that means that I completely shut down from being so overwhelmed and stressed out, or the business fails completely because I’m being pulled in a million different ways, I’m not sure.

That’s the purpose of this blog post. Although difficult, I’ve made a decision and I’m finally ready to share it with you all.

First and Foremost – I am NOT giving up the business. I’m not caving under the pressure and the continuous scrutiny of those around me who don’t get us “artsy types”. I’m actually refocusing the business. I’m letting go of certain parts of it, so that I can make my focus on one or two areas, instead of 10.

After a lot of thought I have decided to make my Chainmaille Collection the main focus. I couldn’t have anticipated how quickly it took off. I’ve been designing and creating chainmaille for the better part of almost 8 years. And I have offered it through Krysta Marie Designs for about the last 3. The Chainmaille is my best work. It’s my best seller. And I’ll be honest, it’s the bread and butter of my business. I have decided that in order for me to continually be successful and to thrive in a niche that is so saturated with jewelry artisans, that I need to pour all of my attention and focus into it. 

Now, with that being said – I will still be offering beaded pieces – BUT – they won’t be designed, created or produced in the quantity that they were. I will also happily take custom orders for beaded pieces. Instead, I will be finding ways to work beads into my maille. Again, that will be my main focus.

I’ve also decided to sell off my current Supplies Stock from the Etsy shop. For the time being, selling supplies needs to take a back seat while I rebrand and rework everything. All of the supplies currently listed have gone through a significant price reduction. Everything is either at Wholesale or below Wholesale Pricing. I’m also open to offers if you’re looking at purchasing in bulk.

I appreciate your continued support and I hope you’ll all join me on this new, exciting adventure! I’m so thrilled and feeling a significant weight being lifted off my shoulders. 

It’s time for change and change is good.

I love you all and thanks for sticking it out with me!



Welcoming the End of January

I’m late, I’m late for a very important date! Or so it would appear!

I’m feeling very behind – so much so that I can see my future self, who is currently drinking mimosa’s without me. How unfair is that?!

I’m still winding down after the epicness of 2013, and not quite sure how to proceed. So much so, that I almost threw in the towel. The operative word: almost. I have learned that I don’t do well with overwhelm. Especially with being self-employed and not having employees. Or an extra set of hands. I’ve learned that when I become overwhelmed, and I’m talking more than just an extra item or two on my plate, I cease all things, curl up into a ball and do nothing. And the nothing can last from several hours to several days to even several weeks. In which, I eat a lot of crap, don’t go to the gym, drink wayyyy too much coffee and play hours of mind-numbing Facebook games. The days pass, and although I know there are things that I could be doing, even small things, I get into the habit of telling myself that it will get done tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and it’s the same vicious cycle.

And because of that, January has been my worst month ever, as far as business is concerned. On the home, kid and love front, things couldn’t be more fabulous. I am happy.

Work life, I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t feeling my best. Sales died off after Christmas, which they always do – so this wasn’t anything new for me. However, the rate at which they took an epic nose-dive off a cliff was mind blowing. It felt as if my business, and all of the pretty, sparkly, awesome things I made were no longer visible to anyone. Anywhere. Because of that, the vicious internal dialogue began. Try as I might, there was no way to shut it off. There wasn’t a way to focus on anything else. I was being consumed by my own negativity, which was added to by the very degrading things that were being said to me (and about me) by those around me. It’s really hard to stop digging once everyone (or so it seemed) jumped on the “Bash Lyenne” Bandwagon. And believe me when I say, that wasn’t fun.

I almost gave up. I was ready to box up all of my finished pieces, and all of my supplies, have a “last ditch” online sale of sorts, and burn whatever was left. I felt like I had failed and that there wasn’t any way out of it. Not realizing that all I had to do was stand up to keep from drowning.

I’m not sure what exactly changed. I’m not sure if it was an article that I had read, or something I had pinned over on Pinterest – but something changed. It was time.

I finally stood up. I finally stopped digging.

I am now on a mission, and I refuse to give up. I refuse to bail on myself and on my dreams and on my future. I deserve better. Krysta Marie Designs, deserves better.

With that, plenty of changes on the business front will be occurring. I will let you know about each of them as they happen and as I’m able to discuss them.

Change #1 – this blog. It’s about to get the biggest kick in butt as far as design and functionality.

I hope you’ve all been well while I’ve been away.


Tall Ships Tour – Penetanguishene, Ontario 2013

Tall Ships. Beautiful Harbor. Gorgeous Scenery. Amazingly Wonderful People.

This was my weekend.

I had the opportunity to be a vendor at the Tall Ships Tour this past weekend (Aug. 24/24). What an incredible weekend it was! It was such a privilege to be included.


Here I am in my booth. This photo was taken by my friend Tammy, of Mariposa Bead Co & Little Macie’s Monster Mart. You can find her here:

Over the course of two days, I had the opportunity to meet so many great people, from all over the world! Many folks from the United States, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, from China and Australia. It was so incredible to see just how popular the “Tall Ships” actually are. I was fascinated by the knowledge that these event goers had. The War of 1812 was a big event. It was so great to see the history buffs and all those who thought the ships & the reenactments were just plain cool. 

I’m going to leave you now with a few photos from the weekend. I’m right in the middle of a “studio” remodel. But that’s for another blog post!



iana’s Ransom – The Pirate Ship! You could actually buy tickets for an hour and a half cruise through the harbor on this ship!

he Niagara. This was the tallest Tall Ship at the Penetanguishene Town Dock.

Madeline – I couldn’t get a closer shot as I was not permitted down the dock 😦

 The Three Captains.