Jewelry Shop!

Woot! Just as the title states I’m working on a Jewelry Shop!
Bear with me as I’m currently adding stock to my virtual shelves.
Once I get a good mixture of everything listed, I will post details here about a Blog-Only sale! Just in time for Back-to-school! 🙂

Hope you’re all having an awesome day!!


PS – Later tonight I will be posting the first “lesson” in my Beading Tips series. Stay tuned.


Update time!

I have been busy today! I’m grateful for that!

I’m working on opening a second Etsy Shop that will be jewelry only. After much research, the general opinion is that the supplies I sell should be sold seperately from my jewelry. I agree with that, wholeheartedly. This way each shop will have it’s own focus, and there won’t be a bazillion listings to sift through each time you visit. I should have the Jewelry Shop opened within a few days.

30% off coupon code AUGUST11 is still active for my Supply Shop – It will remain active until September 1st @ 11:59pm EST. – I’m also working on a Back-to-school sale. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that.

With everything that went on today I didn’t have time to work on Tuesday’s “Beading Tips” posting… I’ll get that up for you all tomorrow.  The first post in my “beading tips” series will have to do with Terminology.. (YAY!) Don’t fret – it’s filled with some not-so-common terms that you may not be familiar with.

I hope you all have had an awesome day.

As for me – I’m off to bed… Need. Sleep. Actually, I could stay up a little while longer provided I get some coffee… but my children are now back on the “school” schedule, which means they’re up at 6:30… (not so much fun!)


Random Truths

This post shall be slightly different…

A little more personal, if you will. A way for you all to “get to know me” a little bit better. This post is basically going to be exactly what the title refers to: Random Truths. Within this post you’ll find various Random Truths about me. Things I like, things I’m afraid of, quirks, etc… My Random Truths stem from a game of 20 questions I played with a friend of mine. It actually turned into a game of about 100 questions, but that’s because we had so much fun with it. We learned a lot more about each other; which was great!.

So here goes!

1. Blue is my favorite color; any shade of blue, with exception to bright royal blue.. I detest that shade.
2. I associate colors with feelings; for example, purple to me, represents pain. Usually severe pain.
3. I like books. I’m reading all the time;
4. Grey’s Anatomy is my absolute favorite television drama.
5. I’m not very good at sports, although I make the effort to play.
6. The thumb on my left hand is shorter than the one on my right hand; I got it caught in a steel door when I was 2.
7. My all-time favorite song is “One Headlight” by The Wallflowers.
8. I played the flute for 4 years in High School.
9. My first car was a 91 Honda Civic… I beat the crap out of that thing!!
10. Aside from making jewelry, my favorite job was as a “Signal Rotation Technician” (LOL I was a Flag Girl for a construction company)
11. I have more male friends than I do female friends; I get along better with men (less drama).
12.  I’ve had the same two best friends since 10th grade in high school.
13. My third best friend I met last year; she’s much like me.
14. I swear worse than a drunken sailor. (although I’m doing my best to keep this in check)
15. I procrastinate. *shocking!*  (Procrasinate now, panic later)
16. I drink milk right from the jug… my ex-boyfriend had an issue with it, so I’d do it and not tell him. (LOL Yes, I’m mean!!)
17. My very first pet that I bought myself was a fish, named Pacey (yes after Dawson’s Creek) I cried when he froze to death in my room. (The power went out during a winter storm….)
18. I take everything personally; and I know that I shouldn’t, especially when it comes to my work.
19. I think dating is overrated; it’s like the natural selection process and I don’t have the patience for it. Besides, once you’ve been on a few dates, they all seem to be the same… unless the guys’ wife shows up… he informed you he was single… interesting… & awkward…
20. I’m an Aquarius; and my personality is a direct relfection of every Aquarian Trait out there… it’s scary.
21. I like tattoos. I have one currently. I have #’s 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 planned out already; just waiting for the funds.
22. I LOVE the Latin Language; it’s sexy. I’d love to learn to speak it.
23. I have never traveled outside of Canada. The farthest I’ve been was a trip to Hull, QC for my 18th birthday… (the legal age there!!)
24. I’d love to travel across Canada; I’d even like to go and visit each of the Territories.
25. I have an obsession with History, Law & Politics (and how they all go hand-in-hand) – Thanks to a certain person (you know who you are) for re-igniting that spark. I missed it greatly.
26. I love playing pool (or billiards if you prefer)
27. I firmly believe that money is the root of all evil; BUT it makes the world go ’round… unfortunately.
28. I’m grateful for my marriage falling apart. (crazy, huh?) It’s given me the chance to fully be me; to find out who I am and what it is I want from life. I can now see that he wasn’t my person, but that I had to go through all of that to get to where I am.
29. I love being a mom. ‘Nuff said.
30. I like music. Loud music. I don’t care what it is, but it has to be Loud!
31. I LOVE driving; Random road tours are awesome. And a great way to clear your mind.
32. I love the beach. I love everything about the beach.
33. I find inspiration (for my work) in the strangest places; I’ve even found inspiration @ the grocery store.
34. I have come to appreciate the English Language, grammar and the dictionary.
35. My group of friends is very diverse; and I’m friends with each of these people for very different reasons. None of my friends are alike; That’s my favorite part about them. Also, I get to really be “me” with each of them, because they remind me of my favorite parts of myself.
36. My eyes change color; They transition from a Bright Blue (and other shades of blue) to a Deep, Sultry Green, and most days will have a bright golden (yellow) ring around the pupil. One of my favorite people explained to me that it must have something to do with intelligence; I prefer that explanation over the one I had; (depends on my mood or the lighting… although I’m sure both explanations are equally accurate).
37. I like being single. No, wait, check that. I LOVE being single! Although I miss “date night” and snuggling on the couch and watching a movie. Although, date nights with just me are fantastic… Words from my awesome friend, “If you won’t date you, why would anyone else?” He’s so right!
38. I have to keep reminding myself that things will work out the way that they’re supposed to; when they’re supposed to.
39. I’m a very impatient person.
40. I’m constantly amazed by my creative ability. Especially when I try and make something “new” – Chainmaille is usually the source of this amazement.
41. I usually make two of one piece of jewelry (if I have enough materials) One to sell and one to keep for myself (My work is awesome.. at least I’d like to think so!!)
42. I have learned to live a life with no regrets… and besides, the wrong choices always make for the best stories.
43. I’m addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy and Artfire. Oh and eBay.
44. I love quotes.
45. Pizza is the BEST thing ever!!
46. So is Poutine… YUM!
47. Things are nice to have, but I’d prefer to have friends, family and memories.
48. I ramble… I’m sure you’ve noticed… it’s way worse in person.
49. I firmly believe that Creative (mess) Disaster is so much better than Idle Neatness. Therefore, my Bead Table is NEVER empty. There’s always something resembling a project on it.
50. Kissing in the rain is the absolute, hands down, best thing. Ever. It’s even better, when the person you’re kissing in the rain, knows how to kiss.

Okay! Wow! That’s a long post! *hands up* oops! But there’s 50 Random Truths about me. I totally rambled, and if you made it here, Congrats to you! Thanks for reading! I’ll probably post some more as we go along, but I think 50 is a good number to stop at.

I’m already working on my next post (has nothing to do with anything about me! LOL) It’s some common, and some Not-s0-common beading terms. I’m going to be starting a series on Tuesdays’ that will be based on Beading Tips, Techniques and Other Awesome (Possibily Useless) Info 🙂

Thanks for hanging out! And don’t be too shy, comment away!


Market Day

This is going to be a quick post.

Today was market day, and it was a long day. I’m not complaining, I enjoy going to the market; I love bringing my jewelry there once a week for people to see it, to purchase it, etc… The market is winding down, and so it’s slow. There is a lot of traffic (going by) but not a whole lot of traffic coming through to see all of the booths and various vendors.

I’m slightly behind – I haven’t gotten any of my jewelry listed in my Etsy Shop yet. I promise to have *some* listed by the weekend. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for supplies, I’ve got lots – and I’m listing supplies just about everyday.

It’s here in this blog post where you’ll find your coupon code for 30% off your entire order (before shipping) A Back to School sale if you will. The thing is, I’ve got a ton of new supplies that I’d like to list, so it’s more of a “Out with the Old” Sale. Anywhoo, whatever you’d like to call it, it’s stil 30% off your order! And I ship world wide! (For one FLAT rate!)

Drum roll please………

Your 30% off coupon code is: AUGUST11 – Simply enter the code at checkout, and your order will immediately reflect the savings!

That’s it for now.. I need to hit the shower & wash off the market dust.


As it so happens, it’s Saturday!

It is Saturday.

Normally a day of rest and relaxation; or a day to catch up on household chores. I had planned for today to be about mixing business with family, (which isn’t anything abnormal). I had planned on working on my Etsy shop today ( however, life with kids always seems to throw you curve balls. Today, my son (God Love him) decided that it was a perfect day to attempt doing stunts while riding his bike. (what you’re thinking right now, you’re probably very close to what actually happened!) At first, he was doing amazing… and then not so much. In a split second things changed, and we were on our way to the ER. He did, infact try to make one with the pavement. Now, normally for a regular spill  off of his bike, I would have opted for some ice, some Polysporin and a bandaid, but the gash on his arm looked way to deep for that.

Thankfully he was a) wearing his helmet (the kids are not allowed to touch their bikes otherwise) and b) he didn’t hit his head OR his face when he fell. I was honestly surprised when we got to the hospital – for a Saturday around dinner time, it wasn’t a Zoo. There were only two people ahead of my son (yay!!). I have to give credit where it’s due, but the Triage Staff at the hospital were amazing! They all agreed that it was wise for me to bring him in “just in case”.  Whew. When the doctor came in to look at him, she also agreed; she also said that he could use a stitch or two. (I was right, it was way too deep for a regular band-aid). Kudos to the doctor who suggested Glue. She didn’t like stitching kids, as much as I didn’t want to have to sit there while she stitched him. (We heart her for this!) 3 hours later and he was Glued up and we were able to leave.

I must admit that you learn alot from boys. (well kids in general) But from boys, we learn how to find humor in everything. I don’t like hospitals, and I do my best for it to not read it on my face. My son on the other hand, made it funny. He thought it was cool that he had finally done “something” to earn him a trip to the ER. (again God Love him). He also talked about how it would be funny if there were a way for us to put his accident on T.V. (yes I am having Jackass nightmares!). He later told me that he has to make things “funny” so that they’re not as scary. I think that’s a great coping mechanism. I make things funny, to take the stress out of them; to make them easier to deal with.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable Saturday, with a little less excitement than mine 🙂

Enjoy the photos – they were taken after the fact – but you get the point.


Quick Shop Update

Just a quick mention that BOTH Etsy & Artfire shops have been temporarily placed on vacation to undergo some professional development. Both shops will be back up and running within a few days, both stocked with plenty of new items and some of your favorites!

Below are a few photos of what you can expect to see once the shops are opened!



Go easy on me…

Hey all!
I’m new around here… can ya tell? Oh yeah… must be that “new girl” smell that seems to be radiating from me.Anywhoo – I’m the owner/operator of Krysta Marie Designs on Etsy & on Artfire. My shops can be found here: and 
You can also find me on Facebook :  and on Twitter:
I have a great selection of beads and other jewelry making items, along with my very own handcrafted, quality, beaded jewelry. I’m continually adding new items on a regular basis. I’m hoping to begin adding items daily to keep it fresh, if you know what I mean.As we go along, you will learn more about me. I like to talk… alot… so it won’t be a surprise if I’m blogging more than once a day… But for now, I’ll give you a little bit to chew on. I’m a mommy of 2 beautful children, (mind you, everyone says that their kids are beautiful! Mine actually are! See!)

My kids are my life 🙂 I don’t know where I’d be without them. They have taught me so much already. One of the biggest things they’ve taught me, is how to appreciate, and enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer. They’ve taught me patience, and that it’s okay to fail once in awhile, so long as you dust yourself off, and get back up.

 I’m a jewelry designer, have been for almost 15 years now. I’m a bead addict… well I think hoarder would be a more appropriate description, as I currently house a bead store in my bedroom. I’ll post pics of that later… I have learned that beads breed in captivity… I have recently found beads that I purchased years ago… yay! it was like Christmas morning!
I’m a writer… or at least I pretend to be 🙂 I’ve dabbled in poetry, verse, fiction,  etc… maybe I’ll share some of that with you. But be prepared as sometimes it’s just random thoughts, jotted down on a napkin.. ‘cuz I roll like that. I love music.. ALL MUSIC – whether it be punk, rock, rap, pop, country, classical, instrumental… everything! I can’t function properly unless there is music playing.
Oh and another big piece of the puzzle. I’m single (long, convoluted story)… currently accepting applications for my next boyfriend… LOL just kidding! I am single yes, but I’m not taking applications. Although, I’m sure that by using an application and an interview process, you might be able to weed out all of the weirdo’s, so to all of the guys who have been sending me marriage proposals via Facebook – thanks, but no thanks.  I’m currently on-hold for my person.. who must be stuck in traffic somewhere.
I have made some imcredible friends, since moving to Wasaga Beach, though, and they’ve helped me to find out who I am. Armed with that info, I’ve been able to refine exactly what it is I’m searching for… and until I find it… I’m just gonna roll with whatever comes my way.
Everything happens for a reason, so I should just let things happen instead of trying to force an outcome. The universe doesn’t work that way… (apparently). Actually one quote that sticks with me, is one from Stephen King’s: Wizard & Glass “For if it’s ka, it’ll come like a wind, and your plans will stand before it no more than my da’s barn stood before the cyclone when it came”. Basically saying that if it’s meant to happen it will; and there’ll be nothing you can do to change it, stop it and so on. So in a matter of speaking, I’m waiting for my “ka”.
Well, that’s enough for now. I think this has been a pretty good start to my blogging adventures. And like the title states, please go easy on me – I’m new 🙂
Thanks for following!!