Shipping Increases, Facebook Updates & An Awesome Sale!

Welcome to 2013…

Yes I’m late jumping on the bandwagon – I do apologize!

Thank y’all so much for stickin’ it out with me ~ your support is truly appreciated!

There are a few things on today’s list that I need to discuss with you.

1. Canada Post has increased their shipping fees (again). Boo. I know… It sucks… But alas, they are a business too, and they also need  to make money… *grumble, grumble* Canada Post has increased the shipping rates. They have also discontinued some of the services I often used to ship out your orders. Small Packet US & INTL (which is just straight air mail) AND Light Packet US & INTL, no longer have the option to purchase Insurance. This means I now must switch to Expedited Parcel (Starts @ $8.00 for US & $12.00 for INTL) to insure that ALL of your orders are covered in the case of loss or damage. I can still ship Light/Small Packet (uninsured) for those who are okay without insurance, HOWEVER, if you chose that method of shipping – I WILL NOT cover it, if it becomes lost or damaged. With that in mind, I need to inform you that in my numerous years of online selling/shipping (about 8) approximately 1% of all the packages that I have shipped (well over 10,000) have been declared lost or damaged. (That’s really fantastic odds if you ask me!) With that information, I will allow you to decide which shipping service you’d like to use (insurance vs. no insurance and about a $6 price difference). I will be updating ALL of my Etsy listings over the next few days to offer you TWO shipping choices. Please do keep in mind that I will NOT be covering loss or damage if you choose to go with the cheaper option.

2. Facebook is “updating” things again… and naturally, it affects all pages. *grumble, grumble*
Facebook is doing major updates and many pages are currently affected, including Krysta Marie Designs. If we disappear completely from your feed, check your page for a new tab on the left called “Pages Feed” it has a little orange flag beside it. All Facebook users will now have TWO separate News Feeds. The regular News Feed will include all of the posts from your Personal Friends, along with ALL of the posts from the Sponsored Pages (those that choose to Pay to Promote). The rest of the pages that you have “liked”, the ones that don’t pay to promote posts (it’s really, really expensive!) our pages will be put into the new tab called “Pages Feed”. You will need to Physically Click on this feed in order to see my posts along with all of the other posts from the other pages you have “liked”. Please help me out here and let everyone know, because we don’t want to lose you. You, the fans, the people who actually like us and our products, are the reason that each of the small business’s (me included) are able to do what we love. Without you guys, we have nothing but a bunch of product. I know I love my stuff, but c’mon, seriously there are only so many pieces of jewelry that I can adorn myself with before being called “the lady who wore too much” ha, ha!

3. I’m having a sale! Not just any sale though. I’m having a Birthday Sale! Yes, indeed. This Thursday, the 24th of January, is my Birthday. My 28th birthday, to be exact. And in honor of my birthday (said in my best British accent) I’m offering a coupon code worth 28% off your order, from my Etsy shop. Just enter BDAY28 upon checkout and your savings will be instantly added. PLUS there is a special bonus up for grabs. If you venture to my Etsy shop, as of this morning, I am only 7 sales away from 1,200. If you’re the lucky person to help me achieve my 1,200th sale, I will add something spectacular to your order! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t? (Well, I certainly think it does!)

That’s it for this post!

Thanks again for hanging in there!

Love y’all