What? I was REJECTED?!?!

Happy Friday Friends!

Up until yesterday, I really hadn’t dealt with being rejected before. I should state that I hadn’t dealt with being rejected in my business life before – my personal life… well that’s an entirely different story.

I have dealt with the “I’ll be back” kinds of people, and the “OH! I betcha I could make that” kinds of people, but none of those flat out rejected me, my work or my business.

This brings us to yesterday. This is the time of year where I’m busily sending out applications for all kinds of events and juried shows. Each application is sent complete with photos of my work, my work space/studio, a head shot of myself and a brief bio about me and my business. And year after year, my applications were accepted without fail.

Until yesterday that is. Yesterday I received my very first rejection letter. Email actually, not that it makes any difference. The show that I had applied for was another of Ontario’s top 100 summer festivals to attend, and I was sure I would get in. My work is amazing (and I’m not being pompous – I’ve worked really hard to get where I am) my photos were impeccable. My brief bio and head shot were pristine. My professional connections to the jury committee were in tact. They knew who I was. They knew why I do what I do and they all knew that I am good great at what I do.

So why wasn’t I accepted? Well, as I spiraled yesterday into a pool of self doubt and wanting to throw my entire life’s work into the trash, I thought about what could have possibly gone wrong. I even went so far as to Google ALL of last years jewellery artisan exhibitors. There work was ALL different from mine. After hours of self pity and avoiding the unopened bottle of wine it hit me. 1) this show has been around for years and all of the exhibitors have been involved for years. So with that, I’m going to have to work my little tail off for the next six months to really create pieces that set myself apart so that I will be accepted next year. 2) I failed to notice that the show I was rejected from conflicted with another weekend show that I had already booked. So with that, THANK YOU UNIVERSE for coming in and saving me from looking like an ass. I’ve experienced double booking before and yeah, looking like an ass really isn’t good for you, for your business or your brand. It actually makes people NOT want to work with you.

So even though I spent most of my day yesterday wallowing in self crippling criticism,  it all really did work out for the best. And I learned something in being rejected yesterday. Clearly there WILL be (and IS) something better.

Rejection, although it sucks (not gonna lie!) it a worthwhile experience because it teaches you to focus on how to be better. It forces to you stand up and fight for what it is you want. It also stops you from going in the wrong direction, should you pay attention to what’s around you.

And to boot – with more or less taking the day off yesterday, I had time to sit and create this GORGEOUS Princess Collar. It’s actually Rondo a la Byzantine, that I glitterized (yes that’s a word) with dreamy Swarovski Crystals. I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!



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