Welcome to my humble blog!

I’m new to the Blogosphere and so happy to get my feet wet.

My name is Lyenne, I’m a Work At Home Mom of two fantastic children.

I’m a self-taught jewelry (jewellery) designer specializting in Stringing, Wirework and Chainmaille (or chain mail if you prefer). I started beading at the age of 11 making daisy chains with seed beads and fishing line; and also making embroidery thread friendship bracelets. I’m also a bead retailer, and I have two online shops. (soon to be four). The online bead shops began as a way to clear out some of my personal supplies that were taking over my house, and expanded from there. I currently house a bead store (although modest in size) in my bedroom. You could call me a bead hoarder and I won’t get mad LOL it’s simply the truth.

When I’m not creating, or listing beads, or spending time with my kids, you’ll find me reading, writing, or catching up with friends from back home.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

I really appreciate it!

If you’ve got some time, stop by one of my shops – http://www.krystamariedesigns.etsy.com OR http://www.krystamariedesigns.artfire.com

Take care,



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