Nothing Is Holding You Back

Welcome to September!

I sincerely would like to apologize for the lack of posting in the last two weeks (give or take), things have been absolutely crazy on the home front. The kids have now started back to school (happy dance!) and I am back into the full swing of things. I’ve been working on a few custom orders that have taken more of my time than I had hoped for, but nonetheless, I do what is required to get the job done. FYI, working with stainless steel rings (chainmaille) is by no means fun! Especially when you’ve broken your pliers more than once, and have had to explain to Canadian Tire that yes, chainmaille is an appropriate use for their tools. I am (and will be) forever grateful for the “Lifetime Warranty” on my Mastercraft pliers. And yes, people I have *finally* ordered myself a set of Wubbers. LOL I love the name too – they are apparently the cat’s ass when it come to jewelry tools, and Lord knows, I definitely could use a really good set of chainmailling pliers. They should be here in a few weeks, and then I can definitely get going with this chainmaille business. I’m also looking at the proper equipment to make my own jump rings. I’ve experimented with a set of mandrels that I got from The BeadSmith, and have just been using flush cutters to cut the actual rings, but the cuts aren’t as “nice” as I’d like them to be. But for “practice” rings, they work just fine.

I am so grateful that the kids are back to school, and not just because I now have my days to myself. (although that is a really nice part of it!). With the kids in school, both of them full-time, I now have the opportunity to get back into the gym. (yay!) Today marks the 3rd consecutive day that I have been at the gym. I am so pleased with myself. I even booked an appointment with one of the trainers (yesterday) who set me up with my very own “plan”. Also yay! because the machinery up there, wow! boy was I lost! I am now absolutely confident with going to the gym (although I never saw myself as that type of person, sure I went before, but I didn’t really enjoy it). I love going – I actually can’t wait for the kids to get on the bus in the morning so that I can hop in my car and head down to the Y. (I live too far from the Y to be able to walk, and I don’t own a bicycle as of yet). The atmosphere is great, the people are great. I really like going. I also enjoy it because I know that *now* is the right time for me to focus on myself (and no I’m not being conceited); I get to put my energy into getting healthy, and to continue down this weight-loss road that I’ve been on for quite sometime. I know that “nothing is holding me back” (that phrase I’m actually planning to have tattooed on my wrist so I have a constant reminder). I know that I am worth this, as silly as that may sound. So what does all of this have to do with the business front? Well, it also means that nothing is holding me back from the business world either. Again, with both kids in school, I can now work “business” hours (LOL) and accomplish more during my day (now that I don’t have to hit the park, or making someone a snack). This means that I have more time to blog, network, list new products, make new jewelry, etc… I have more time, and I am grateful for that. It’s now become that little bit easier to manage my time (which was a nightmare before).

It’s hilarious how one simple little thing like your kids going back to school (which is a HUGE thing actually) can make such a big difference in all areas of ones life. I’m also grateful for when the kids come home from school too. Because I have my days to myself, I can take the time to sit with them and really pay attention when they tell me about their day(s). I LOVE that! They deserve my undivided attention, and now I can actually give it to them. I now understand what my mother meant when she said “someday you’ll know”. I don’t know everything yet (shocker!!) but I’m learning. I’m grateful for the things that I learn each and every day.


I’ve rambled enough for now. BUT I’ll be back later on – with a proper “business” related post.

Hope you all have been well – and don’t be afraid to comment or to send me a message! I love hearing from you!



Market Day

This is going to be a quick post.

Today was market day, and it was a long day. I’m not complaining, I enjoy going to the market; I love bringing my jewelry there once a week for people to see it, to purchase it, etc… The market is winding down, and so it’s slow. There is a lot of traffic (going by) but not a whole lot of traffic coming through to see all of the booths and various vendors.

I’m slightly behind – I haven’t gotten any of my jewelry listed in my Etsy Shop yet. I promise to have *some* listed by the weekend. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for supplies, I’ve got lots – and I’m listing supplies just about everyday.

It’s here in this blog post where you’ll find your coupon code for 30% off your entire order (before shipping) A Back to School sale if you will. The thing is, I’ve got a ton of new supplies that I’d like to list, so it’s more of a “Out with the Old” Sale. Anywhoo, whatever you’d like to call it, it’s stil 30% off your order! And I ship world wide! (For one FLAT rate!)

Drum roll please………

Your 30% off coupon code is: AUGUST11 – Simply enter the code at checkout, and your order will immediately reflect the savings!

That’s it for now.. I need to hit the shower & wash off the market dust.